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Berlin research institute’s invention InventHelp Idea promises to shorten the time inside store fittings. It is a mirror that allows you to change clothes by simply pressing a button.

The scene is known. The couple goes shopping, the wife stops in front of all the windows, tries on bags, shoes, pants and blouses, InventHelpit takes hours to make up her mind. The husband gets bored and at one point he explodes with rage. Confusion is set. It’s a fight for sure.

That will end, InventHelp Inventions if it depends on the Fraunhofer Institute of Information Technique Heinrich Hertz. Researchers at the Berlin-based institute have invented a mirror that allows consumers to “change” clothes without the tiring put-and-remove of garments, InventHelp Patent thus reducing both the time spent inside the store’s dressing rooms and the time spent waiting outside.

The invention InventHelp Innovation – developed by researcher Anna Hilsmann and…

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